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46 brand per il 50° Golden Super Bowl, per un costo medio di 5 milioni di dollari versati alla CBS per ognuno dei 30 preziosi secondi da passare sugli schermi di milioni di telespettatori.
Di seguito tutti i commercial del Super Bowl 2016 dedicati ai prodotti alimentari, da superbowlcommercials2016.org.
Trovate i commercial delle altre categorie merceologiche al tag SB50.




The famous orange chip company is holding their 10th and final rendition of the Crash the Super Bowl contest. They once again invited fans across the world to create their own Super Bowl commercials and a chance to win $1 million. The 3 finalists have been chosen and voting is now open to the public.

But…while we wait impatiently to find out who will be the final winner of the Crash the Super Bowl contest, Doritos is entertaining us with this fantastic teaser, a mash-up of scenes from all the previous Doritos Super Bowl contest winners.


See the 3 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl finalists here.

Peter Carstairs’ ad, called Ultrasound, was our favorite.


Taco Bell

While their food may be Mexican, this very American brand has purchased a 30-second ad spot in the first quarter of Super Bowl 50. They will be using the Big Game to announce a brand new item on their menu. And you can pre-order it now on Taco Bell’s very unusual website. (That’s right, you can actually buy the item without having any clue what it is!)

They released three teasers to get us excited about the Taco Bell 2016 Super Bowl ad – and their new menu item. To help them get the message out, the teasers include NBA star James Harden, “alien expert” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and the Texas law hawk Bryan Wilson.

Watch the Taco Bell 2016 Super Bowl commercial teasers here:





Sophomore Super Bowl advertisers and Marshawn Lynch’s favorite candy, Skittles is back with a Big Game commercial starring Aerosmith’s own Steven Tyler. Rather than chowing down on the Skittles, however, Tyler has a sing-off with his very own self-portrait, made entirely out of the little rainbow colored candies. Creative, fun and delicious! We love it!


Meanwhile, the folks at Skittles are also very focused on the weather! They have NFL players Luke Kuechly and DeMarcus Ware taking over for weatherman and predicting the Game Day forecast. If they can be believed – there’s sure to be a rainbow over Levi’s Stadium.



What’s more, Skittles is giving away a whole lot of free candy to anyone who tweets #SkittlesRainbow and #Contest between Jan. 28 and Feb 7th. (Get the rules for the Game Day contest here.)


Snickers has expectations high for their single, 30-seconds of ad time in Super Bowl 2016! It again uses the tagline, “You’re not you when you’re hungry,” but this year the Snickers Super Bowl ad has brought Marilyn Monroe back from the past! The problem is, she’s so hungry, she looks just a bit like Willem Dafoe.


Avocados from Mexico

While they may be the healthiest Super Bowl advertiser, Avocados from Mexico is quickly positioning themselves as a Big Game regular. After all, what would a Super Bowl party be without a big bowl of guac? The company will use their 30-seconds of airtime during the first commercial break of the game to remind us that avocados are “Always There,” available in your local supermarket, 365 days a year.

The thing is, they did it in one really strange Super Bowl commercial. The Avocados from Mexico commercial includes a cameo from Happy Day’s star, Scott Baio, a scene with a Rubik’s Cube and some strange looking futuristic aliens. Spoiler alert: There’s even an alien murder.

Watch #AvosInSpace here and see if it inspires you to make some guacamole. Better yet, see if you can figure out what on earth (or in space) it has to do with avocados:



Butterfinger caught our attention early on with a big announcement about their participation in Super Bowl 50. Using the hashtag #BolderThanBold, the crunchy, sweet candy announced that they purchased a 30-second ad during the 3rd quarter of the Big Game. Even more exciting is the fact that Armando Bo, co-writer of the movie “Birdman,” will be directing the spot!

They have promised their Super Bowl spot will be “bold” and it may feature some silly antics like the ones in this teaser ad, called “The Motorcross Jump.” The candy company released the ad on January 26th.


Or maybe they’ll go a different route… They also put out this hilarious teaser starring Terrell Owens and Billy Eichner showing off some #BolderThanBold moves! Be on the lookout for our favorite line “I watch for the commercials…”


T.O. might be a smart strategy for them! Last year’s highly successful Wix Super Bowl commercial starred Terrell Owens alongside four other football greats – Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris.



Heinz makes something other than ketchup? Who knew? Well – after the 2016 Heinz Super Bowl commercial, the famous tomato fans are hoping that everyone will! While Heinz sat out the last two Super Bowls, they have snatched up a 30-second ad spot in Super Bowl 50. And since Budweiser’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial has no puppies, Heinz decided to take up where they left off! Our favorite furry friends play a starring role in the ad!

Using the tagline #MeetTheKetchups, the Heinz Big Game ad is meant to introduce us to their full line of condiments. They do it in an ad that, while a bit strange, is also really quite lovable. Maybe its those cute puppies!


Jack in the Box

While you might expect fast food joints to make a run for the Super Bowl ad field, Jack in the Box is the first and only burger joint to confirm their participation in the Big Game ad game.

The Jack in the Box 2016 Super Bowl ad is a play off of the Declaration of Independence. But instead of declaring freedom from tyranny, or from the UK, Jack in the Box makes a very serious #DeclarationofDelicious. The ad comes with a promise that the burger chain will use fresher, tastier ingredients! Now that’s something to wave our grand old flag about!





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