Offerte di Lavoro in Comunicazione / 27 January 2014

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Le ultime offerte di lavoro nel mondo della comunicazione.
Selezione quotidiana di offerte di lavoro, a cura di Crebs, Lavori Creativi,

  • Technical Project Manager / Junior Product Manager
    In SiamoSoci we’re building a next generation platform for startups to connect with investors and other valuable services.We’re looking for someone with technical experience and attitude to be the project manager and then product manager.
    We have in mind a person with a technological background (can code, for real) that has experience as project manager for Web products and see itself also as a product person, being able to coordinate the product team from design to software implementation, and provide customer development and digital marketing activities with modern tools ans solutions.
    That’s the general idea but most important of all, we’re searching a “can do” person that maybe already worked in a startup and is willing to innovate in technology, design, processes.
    We’re growing fast and we need people that can keep up the speed and acceleration we’re facing. We have a certain profile in mind but we’re more than ready to change our mind if the right person shows up. We do not search juniors or seniors specifically. We need someone who can do well, regardless specific experience.
    We’re based in Milan, at StartMiUp, situated in the flourishing Quartiere Isola / Porta nuova, a coworking space where we work with other digital startups and professionals.

    Certifiably educated: at least a bachelor degree in computer science, engineering or business.
    Experienced: you have proven experience in participating in software development projects, as team member and team leader.
    Agile: you have knowledge about Agile/Lean methodologies. Not in a guru or hyper-rigid way, but you’re definitely NOT this guy
    Communicator: keeping everyone up to date on project development is a top priority.
    Planner: planning is essential, but plans  are useless. You’re are as good in writing and communicating plans as in  changing on the run due to changing circumstances, being those  technical or not.
    Coder: you can put your hands in the code, if necessary, for small interventions.
    Web and Cloud person: coding can be fun,  but PAAS / SAAS / integrations / web-hacking are better. You know  there’s already something better and ready out there for the job.


    1. Contribute planning the product roadmap
    2. Plan projects iterations, milestones, deliverables and manage the team that execute the implementation.
    3. Overview DevOps and system reliability, make sure that all system are always operational and that someone is notified when something is wrong
    4. Execute first hand testing on what has been delivered and organize beta testing sessions
    5. Find something else we’re not doing good and help us do it better, in any area you think you can do a great job.

Le offerte sopra elencate sono un estratto dei feed di Crebs, Lavori Non sono offerte di lavoro di Tiragraffi.
I link sono forniti solamente come informazione aggiuntiva e non sono pubblicità o approvazione di prodotti o servizi forniti in tali siti. Siti di terze parti possono contenere opinioni e punti di vista non necessariamente coincidenti con quelli degli Autori, o possono avere privacy policies differenti dalla quelle di Tiragraffi.

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