Marketing 2.0, piccoli spunti di riflessione.

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Dal blog Meeting delle idee abbiamo trovato “alcune frasi intelligenti trovate in rete” a proposito del marketing 2.0.

Ve le proponiamo così come le abbiamo trovate, senza commenti in aggiunta… anzi, vorrei che qualche commento o critica venisse aggiunto da voi.


1) Establish a relationship, and you don’t have to advertise again.2) Social media changed the relationship between brands and the public: it’s a story, but it’s not a 30 second story.

3) Great Marketing is like judo, you don’t use your force, you use the force of your target.

4) Go from building brands to taking stands: you don’t create advocates; you are an advocate, and you get followers.

5) It starts with a product to buy, but also an idea to buy into.

6) The best ads don’t look like ads.

7) Define the Marketing problem correctly and you’re 95% of the way to getting to the solution.

8) People are not buying bullshit anymore, you have to add value to their lives.

9) Marketing: create a relevant truth.

10) Great Marketing comes from asking all the right questions.

11) We’re moving from a world where we plan Marketing campaigns for the future to one where we adapt Marketing campaigns to the moment.

12) The role of Marketing has changed from “inspiration” to “inspiration and enablement”.

13) Our consumers will talk about our brand in a more powerful way than we can.

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